Thursday, 20 February 2014

Facebook announced the acquisition of WhatsApp

Yet another passionate startup gone into the hands of the giants!

The ones who have such brilliant ideas, why are they not passionate about their startups? Why are they not passionate about their products to see them through the future? Why do they value money more so that they sell their idea and get away with huge bank balances!

As we all know, if after SMS, a product that people might be using the most on their mobile phones will be WhatsApp! The product that revolutionised the mobile chat medium. The product that stole the charm away from BBMs. The brand that's becoming a conversation term, changing the language from "sms me the info" to "whatsapp me the info"! The app, for which people are ready to pay for to use, without any complaint, just because paying for whatsapp is still cheaper than chatting over SMS!

Yet, what we hear is that Facebook Buys WhatsApp!

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  1. Must read article on one of the founders of Whatsapp...